EFICP Religious Activities 2014

RevDennisRev. Dennis Abraham
EFICP Religious Activities Coordinator

Dearly beloved in Christ,
I praise the Holy Trinity for the blessings we have received as the Ecumenical Fellowship of Indian Churches in Philadelphia. When reflecting on this past year, it was eventful, with many programs and fellowships, which strengthened the unity, and relationship of our sister churches. I appreciate all the respected clergy, and the member churches, and all those who have been working ardently for the EFICP.
This year was eventful, especially with the various events which strengthened not only the relationship between churches, but also the spiritual life of our people. The aim of the fellowship is not only to increase relationship, but to be able share the love of Christ Jesus, with others.

The month of December is the time and season for us to celebrate the ‘birthday’ of Jesus Christ – the “greatest of birthdays.” The name ‘Jesus’ means “Jehovah God is salvation.” God sent His only Son into the world for our salvation, and to remind us of God’s eternal presence in our lives. (John 3:16). The message of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is a story that is meant to be told and proclaimed.

Let us advocate a Christmas which promotes Christian values and brings the true message of Christmas to this world. We must remember that the first Christmas was a time of crisis, danger, and promise. Christ was entering a broken and torn world. Christ lived for us. Let us live for others. Let us remember that He is Emmanuel, “God is with us.” During this Christmas season, there are many who long to hear this good news- of the birth of the Lord. Let us bring this message of hope and peace to those who seek it. God gave us His best gift during Christmas, what can we offer him during this Christmastime?

I wish you and your families a blessed and meaningful Christmas, and a Happy and Blessed New Year! Never forget the “Christ” in Christmas.

May the blessings of the Triune God be with you all. May God continue to bless the EFICP!.

Yours in Christ’s Service,
Rev. Dennis Abraham
Religious Activities Chairman

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