Ecumenical fellowship College Fair & 5K Run deadline

EFICPRegistration deadline for 5K Run and 1 K walk
The last day to register for the Ecumenical Fellowships 5K Run and 1K walk will be today August 28, 2016. The charity fundraising is held for the benefit of the homeless in Philadelphia and will be held at the Neshaminy state park on September 17, 2016. All participants for this event will receive an event tea-shirt and the orders for tea-shirt will go out soon. If you want to participate in this important event please (fill out a Registration Form and give it to your ecumenical representatives at the church or register online at

Ecumenical fellowship College Fair and financial aid section
7 local college admission and financial counselors are coming to help our college bound children on Sunday, September 25th at St Thomas Indian Orthodox church, 1009 Unruh Avenue at 1 PM.
Mathew Samuel EFICP Secretary

College Fair Brochure
EFICP 2016 Run Registration Form – FINAL

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